One of the hardest things for some people is catching a groove. This can be especially more difficult if you are trying to find the groove for a vocal on top of a beat. Here’s a few tips and tricks that will help you on your way when trying to sing, rap, or vocalize on top of a beat.


  • Listen first to the kick drum and bass. Often times bass and kick drum define the “groove” to a song. Paying attention to these elements first will get you on the fast track to falling in “the pocket” with the song.


  • Hum along and find the resonant root note to the beat. Hey, let’s face it, nobody likes someone vocalizing out of tune. Unless it’s your grandmother, it is simply intolerable. By finding the resonant “root” to a song, you will allow yourself to maintain overall pitch with the beat. This is a sure fire way to create more sentiment and attention to the vibe which you are seeking.


  • Use dynamics. Do you like someone talking monotone to you? Do you like someone shouting in your face? You know the answer to this question. By using dynamics you display tension and release cycles to your listener. Dynamics have the ability to lure a listener in and bring them to new heights. Try starting softly and building into your choruses. You’ll be amazed at peoples positive response.


Most of all utilize all three of these concepts together to bring the best possible vocal performance to every beat that crosses your path.


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