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Let’s face it, every musician needs to get a start somewhere. Here at Studio 11 we’ve created a valuable resource by offering our free rap beats download section of the website. Whether you are an up and coming musician or just looking for a cool bumper for your next Youtube video, we’ve got a great library of tracks for you to get started with. Here at the studio we offer the complete host of recording, mixing, and mastering services as well. Please visit our main site for more information on our services. After almost 20 years in the professional recording industry we offer you the highest quality services and information to help you get your career on track. Please fill out the form below and enjoy over 100 high quality rap beats for download all available for use under creative commons non-commercial license. For a comprehensive selection of commercially licensable beats, please visit our beats for sale page.


Courtesy Of Studio 11

Courtesy Of Studio 11


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Welcome To Studio 11’s Free Beats And Instrumentals

Finally we’ve done it, we’re bringing you one of the industries best free beat and instrumental music libraries available. Free beats are made available through creative commons license here at Studio 11 Chicago. You will find some amazing hip hop, rap, and dance beats browsing the collection. After 20 years in the urban music industry we think it’s of the utmost importance that you are able to get started producing your rap and hip hop songs with no impedance. Free beats from Studio 11 are also great for instrumental beds on youtube videos, corporate videos, and other multimedia applications.



The Studio 11 Team