Access to free beats and instrumentals is an important factor for the young developing urban musician. Let’s face it, not everybody has a couple thousand dollars sitting around to invest in an arsenal of beat making equipment. This might include drum machines, samplers, computers, keyboards and the like. On top of this, one must have the drive and passion to learn how to use this equipment. With all this in mind, beat making is not for everyone.

Courtesy Of Studio 11

Courtesy Of Studio 11

So let’s pay mind to the young budding vocal artist – that might be you! The main priority to a vocalist is practicing vocals. Often times a high quality instrumental beat is the right thing to bringĀ  inspiration for the latest hook, rhyme, or verse. Whether you are a singer, rapper, or vocalist access to free beat material is imperative to development as an artist. Let’s look at it this way – if you can charm them with a free beat, imagine what you can do when you gain access to the industries top musicians and producers.

Kanye West started with a simple beat machine – now he’s got a full band on the nightly shows. THAT can one day be you – but you’ll have to start somewhere. Free beats are just the right thing to lead you on your way. Just remember to find sounds that truly inspire you, bringing your deepest emotions to the surface – sounds that help people to understand and feel what you are saying.




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